Tom Oxley is CEO of Synchron

Synchron's vision is to transform medicine with unprecedented access to brain data.

Synchron has developed an endovascular brain computer interface that can access every corner of the brain using its natural highways, the blood vessels. Our breakthrough platform launches a new frontier for the treatment of neurological diseases: Neurointerventional Electrophysiology (Neuro EP). Our technology will transform three medical verticals: Neuroprosthetics, Neuromodulation, and Neurodiagnostics.

The brain is complex.

There are billions of inaccessible neurons and over 400 miles of blood vessels that navigate every part of the brain.

Damaged neurons can wreak havoc on our bodies and lives.

The Synchron team has collectively spent decades studying these pathways and the application of Synchron technology with an endovascular surgical procedure. We have solved how to deliver electronics into the wall of the blood vessel, giving us access to an unprecedented amount of data from untouched areas of the brain. Applications of Neuro EP will fundamentally change how we study, diagnose, and treat the brain.